What size radiator do i need for my room

what size radiator do i need for my room

How to Size Radiators for Rooms

Standard radiator sizes at Stelrad are between mm x m at the smallest, and mm x mm at the largest. Within the Standard Steel Panel Radiators range, the smallest is mm x mm and the largest is mm x m, whereas the largest vertical options is mm x mm. “Standard” doesn’t mean one-size at Stelrad and the options are limitless! Multiply the result by 5 for a radiator in living and dining rooms, 4 for bedrooms, or 3 for kitchens and other areas of the home. For example, multiplying the cubic feet from the bedroom by 3.

Tips and information on how sjze calculate the size of radiator required to heat a room including a BTU calculator to help you. In this project learn about the ideal temperatures for different rooms in the home such as living rooms, dinning rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. With this information you can then calculate the total BTU's for your entire house and what size boiler you will need.

Don't want to do this job yourself? Let us help you find a tradesman local to you. Firstly, the temperature that you want it to be able to maintain which is a relatively straightforward task and you can use the table below as a guide.

The second consideration to take into account is the the heat loss from your room. The calculations for this are quite complex since they depend upon the size of windows, numbers of doors and, in particular, radiatof construction materials used roomm the building. Some of the poorer installers get round this complex step by putting in radiators that raidator too big, and then fitting thermostatic radiator valves to every radiator to cut the heat down.

This calculation produces a heat loss figure in watts, of how much heat you need to warm that room up to the design and desired temperature from -3 deg C in one hour. Adding the total for all the rooms in your home will give you the approximate what size radiator do i need for my room in BTUs for the whole house. This will give you the boiler size you need for your house.

Obviously these calculations are approximate and while giving you an excellent idea of the sizes you will require, it would be wgat to get this checked by the installer. It is very unlikely that any radiator will match the exact heat required, so select the first size of radiator above the heat requirement. With rooms greater than 6 meters 18ft in any one direction, it is worth considering distributing a number of radiators to minimise the thermal gradient within the room.

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Project Menu Project Menu. The size of radiator required for a room depends on two factors. Back to the Top. Find a Reliable Local Tradesman. Don't fancy doing this project yourself? We work with the industries best to ensure that we recommend only reliable how to catch a girl trustworthy tradesmen. Let DIY Doctor help you find how to study for sats tradesman.

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How to Calculate Radiator Size

Jul 17,  · Switch to a double panel option when you need a stronger radiator. For example, a single panel radiator 20 inches ( cm) (about mm) long and 20 inches ( cm) wide puts out BTUs of heat. A double panel radiator the same size puts out BTUs of heat%(45). I need watts/ BTU Use the BTU Calculator / Heat Loss Calculator at the bottom of this page to determine the outputs you need for each room. Convert Watt to BTUs. How do I covert from Watt to BTUs? Multiply x How do I covert BTU to Watt? Divide x Understanding Radiator Outputs in Radiator Selection. Once you know the output that you need to heat your room e.g. Watt / BTU . Choosing your radiator. The next step in determining the heat output and size required for your radiator is to determine how many radiators you would like to heat your desired room. In most cases radiators will suffice, however for larger rooms you may require more. The amount of BTU’s required per radiator will depend on how many radiators are within the room – so divide the total BTU requirement by the number of radiators to calculate the average BTU’s required per radiator.

Use our radiator size calculator to figure out which radiator is most suitable for you. Radiator sizes differ vastly depending on the style and variety of radiator you decide to opt for. Stelrad has the largest range of radiator sizes in the UK, which is why our radiator size calculator is such a useful tool. Whether you decide on one of our Standard Radiator sizes or decide that one of our modern Designer Radiators is ideal for you, our radiator size chart will assist in helping you make your ultimate decision when you buy a radiator at Stelrad.

Radiator sizes and shapes at Stelrad are completely different depending on their functionality, their design and what room they belong in. Vertical Radiators have much different dimensions to Horizontal Radiators for example and a Bathroom Radiator such as a Towel Rail Radiator will differ vastly in shape and size from one of our Column Radiators.

Using our radiator size calculator will assist in figuring out what dimensions your new radiator should be to accommodate your space and how to calculate radiator size for your room. Using our radiator sizing guide is great for the physical measurements, but another useful tool to help you calculate how much heat output is appropriate for your room is our BTU Calculator. This heat loss calculator will work hand in hand with our radiator size calculator for UK radiators and help create a radiator size chart that will direct you to which model of radiator is most suitable for your room.

What size radiator you need for your room will be dependent on the dimensions of it. If you are replacing an existing radiator and are wondering how to calculate radiator size for your room, follow these 4 simple steps:. Radiator sizes are not consistent over different models, due to their varying dimensions.

For example, a Vertical Radiator will be much taller than it is wide than a Standard Radiator. Standard radiator sizes at Stelrad are between mm x m at the smallest, and mm x mm at the largest. Within the Standard Steel Panel Radiators range, the smallest is mm x mm and the largest is mm x m, whereas the largest vertical options is mm x mm. Radiator sizes in the UK use the metric system for their measurements, so this is also important when measuring your room or using a radiator size calculator.

The reason for calculating the window dimensions is plain and simple — heat loves to escape. The bigger the window, the more chance of your heat escaping. This will also differ depending on whether you have single or double-glazed windows. Single glazed windows lose the most heat, so your BTU will need to be higher for these.

If you have any further questions and for all radiator FAQs, view our advice hub , we are always happy to help. What size radiator are you looking for? Height mm. Length mm. If you are replacing an existing radiator and are wondering how to calculate radiator size for your room, follow these 4 simple steps: Measure the height of where the radiator will be placed. Measure how wide you need your radiator to be.

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