Massachusetts became a state in what year

massachusetts became a state in what year

What year did massachusetts became a state?

Aug 20,  · Contents. Interesting Facts ; One of the original 13 colonies and one of the six New England states, Massachusetts (officially called a commonwealth) is known . Becoming a State Massachusetts became the sixth state to join the United States on February 6, John Adams from Boston became the first Vice President and the second President of the United States.

The area that is now Massachusetts was colonised by English settlers in the early 17th century and became the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the 18th century. Before that, it was inhabited by a variety of Indian tribes. The Pilgrim Fathers who sailed on the Mayflower established the first permanent settlement in massachusettw Plymouth Colony which set precedents but never grew large. A large-scale Puritan migration began in with the establishment of the Massachusetts Bay Colonyand that spawned the settlement of other New England colonies.

As the Colony grew, businessmen established wide-ranging trade, sending ships to the West Indies and Europe. Britain began to increase taxes on the New England colonies, and tensions grew with implementation of the Navigation Acts.

These political and trade issues led to the revocation of the Massachusetts charter in The king established the Dominion of New England in to govern all of New England, and to centralize royal control and weaken local massxchusetts. Sir Edmund Andros 's intensely unpopular rule came to a sudden end in with an uprising sparked by the Glorious Revolution in England.

The new king William III established the Province of Massachusetts Bay in to govern a territory roughly equivalent to the modern states of Massachusetts and Maine. Its governors were appointed by the crown, unlike the predecessor colonies that im elected their own governors.

This increased friction between the colonists and the crown, which reached its height in the days leading up to the American Revolution in the s and s over the question of who could levy taxes. The American Revolutionary War began in Massachusetts in when London tried to shut down American self-government. The commonwealth formally adopted the state constitution inelecting John Hancock as its first governor.

In the 19th century, New England became America's center of manufacturing with the development of precision manufacturing and weaponry in Springfield and Hartford, Connecticutand large-scale textile mill complexes in WorcesterHaverhillLowelland other communities throughout New England using their rivers for power. New England also was an intellectual center and center of abolitionism.

After the war, immigrants from Europe flooded into Massachusetts, continuing to expand its industrial base until the s when textiles and other industries started to fade away, leaving a "rust belt" of empty mills and factories. Labor unions were important after the s, as was big-city politics. The state's strength as a center of education contributed to the development of an economy based on information technology and biotechnology in the later years of the on century, leading to the " Massachusetts Miracle " of the late s.

Massachusetts was originally inhabited by stzte of the Algonquian language family such as the WampanoagNarragansettsNipmucsPocomtucsMahicansand Massachusetts. Cape CodNantucketMartha's Vineyardand southeast Massachusetts were the home of stafe Wampanoags who established a close bond with the Pilgrim Fathers.

The extreme end of the Cape was inhabited massachusdtts the closely related Nauset tribe. Much of the central portion and ahat Connecticut River valley was home to the loosely organized Nipmucs. The Berkshires were the home of both the Pocomtuc and the Mahican tribes. These tribes were generally dependent on hunting and fishing for most of their food supply.

Fishing ships from Europe also worked in the rich waters off the coast, and may have traded with some of the tribes. Large numbers of Indians were decimated by virgin soil epidemicsperhaps including smallpox, measles, influenza, or leptospirosis. The first settlers in Massachusetts were the Pilgrims who established Plymouth Colony in and developed friendly relations with the Wampanoag people.

The Pilgrims had migrated from England to Holland to escape religious persecution for rejecting England's ztate church. They were allowed religious liberty in Holland, but they gradually became concerned that the next generation would lose their distinct English heritage. They approached the Virginia Company and asked to settle "as a distinct body of themselves" [ citation needed ] in America.

In the fall ofthey sailed to America on the Mayflowerfirst landing near Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod. The area did not lie within their charter, so the Pilgrims created the Mayflower Compact before landing, one of America's first documents of self-governance. The first year was extremely difficult, with inadequate supplies and very harsh weather, but Wampanoag sachem Massasoit and his people assisted them. Inthe Pilgrims celebrated their first Thanksgiving Day together to thank God for the blessings of good harvest and survival.

This Thanksgiving came to represent the peace that existed at that time between the Wampanoags and the Pilgrims, although only about half of the Mayflower company survived the first year.

The colony grew slowly over the next ten years, and was estimated to have inhabitants by A group of fur-trappers and traders established Wessagusset Colony near the Plymouth colony in Weymouth in They abandoned it inand it was replaced by another small colony led by Robert Gorges.

This settlement also failed, and individuals from these colonies returned to England, joined the Plymouth colonists, or established individual outposts elsewhere on the shores of Massachusetts Bay.

Inthe Dorchester Company established a settlement on Cape Ann. This colony only survived untilalthough a few settlers remained. The Puritan migration was mainly from East Anglia and southwestern regions of England, with an estimated 20, immigrants between and Massachusetts Bay colony quickly eclipsed Plymouth in population and economy, yea chief factors being the large influx of population, more suitable harbor facilities for trade, and the growth of a prosperous merchant class.

Religious dissension and expansionism led to the founding of several new colonies shortly after Plymouth and Massachusetts How to open jpeg 2000. Dissenters such as Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson were banished due to religious nassachusetts with Massachusetts became a state in what year Bay authorities.

Williams established Providence Plantations in Over the next few years, another group, which included Hutchinson, established Newport and Mazsachusetts ; these settlements eventually joined to what was the world like 2000 years ago the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Ina group of settlers led by William Pynchon founded Springfield, Massachusetts originally named Agawamafter scouting for the region's most advantageous location for trading and farming.

The Indian tribes surrounding Springfield were friendly, which was becamme always the case for the fledgling Connecticut colonies. King Philip's War —76 was the bloodiest Indian war of the colonial period.

In little over a year, Indians attacked nearly half of the region's towns, and they burned to the ground the major settlements at Providence and Springfield. New England's economy was all but ruined, and much of its population was killed. The Massachusetts legislature established a mint to produce the pine tree shilling beginning in Sheep provided meat and especially wool for the local cloth industry, avoiding the expense of imports of British cloth. Massachusetts and Rhode Island had thriving merchant fleets, and they often ran afoul of the trade regulations.

King Charles formally vacated the Massachusetts charter in Friction erupted with the Indians in King Philip's War in the s. Puritanism was the established religion in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and dissenters were banished, leading to the establishment of the Rhode Island Colony. InKing Charles II was restored to the throne.

Colonial matters brought to his attention led him to propose the amalgamation of all of the New Jassachusetts colonies into a single administrative unit. Inhe was succeeded by James IIan outspoken Catholic who implemented the proposal. In Junethe charter of the Massachusetts Bay Colony was annulled, but its government continued to rule until James appointed Joseph Dudley to the new post of President of New England in The rule of Andros was unpopular.

He ruled without a representative assembly, vacated land titles, restricted town meetings, enforced the Navigation Acts, and promoted the Church of England, angering virtually every segment of Massachusetts colonial society.

Andros dealt a major blow to the colonists by challenging their title to how to get over lust love land; unlike England the great majority of New Englanders were land-owners.

Taylor says maswachusetts because they "regarded secure real estate as fundamental to their liberty, status, and prosperity, the colonists felt horrified by the sweeping and expensive challenge to their land titles. Both Massachusetts and Plymouth returned to their previous what colors go with blue and brown until During King William's War —the colony launched an unsuccessful expedition against Quebec under Sir William Phips inwhich had been financed by issuing paper bonds set against the gains expected from taking the city.

For its first governor they chose Sir William Phips. Phips came to Boston in to begin his rule, and was immediately thrust into the brcame hysteria in Salem. He established the court that heard the notorious Salem witch trialsand oversaw the war effort until he was recalled in The province was the largest and most economically important in New Englandand one where many American institutions and traditions were formed.

Unlike southern colonies, it was built around small towns rather than scattered farms. The westernmost portion of Massachusetts, the Berkshires, was settled during the massachusetts became a state in what year decades following the end of the French and Indian Warlargely by Scots.

The largest settlement in Berkshire County was Pittsfield, Massachusettsfounded in The educational system, headed by Harvard College, was the best in the 13 colonies. Newspapers became a major communications system in qhat 18th century, massachusetts became a state in what year Boston massachusetts became a state in what year a leading role in masschusetts British colonies.

Five Boston newspapers presented a full range of opinions during the coming of the American revolution. In Worcester, printer Isaiah Thomas made the Massachusetts Spy the influential voice of the western settlers. Farming was the largest economic activity.

Most farming towns were largely self-sufficient, with families trading with each other for items they did not produce themselves; the surplus was sold to cities. Great quantities of cod were exported to the slave colonies in the West Indies. They typically stationed their sons and nephews as agents in ports around the empire.

Most other manufactured products were imported from Britain or smuggled in from the Netherlands. Inthe Massachusetts Bay Colony became the first to issue paper money in what would what is the purpose of voltage regulator the United States, but soon others began printing their own money as well. The demand for currency in the colonies was due to the scarcity of coins, which had been the primary means of trade.

Paper money quickly became the primary means of exchange within each colony, and it even began to be used in financial transactions with other colonies. Under the act, the New England colonial governments could make paper money legal tender for the payment of public debts such as taxesand could issue bills hecame credit massachusettz a tool of government finance, but barred the use of paper money as legal tender for private debts.

The colony was always short of gold and silver and printed a great deal how to make spanish stuffing paper money, which how to create mdi form in 2008 inflation that favored farmers but angered business interests.

Byhowever, the colony recalled its paper currency and transitioned to a specie currency based on the British reimbursement in gold and silver for its spending in the French and Indian wars. The large-scale merchants and Royal officials welcomed the transition but many farmers and smaller businessmen were opposed.

The colony fought alongside British regulars in a series of French and Indian Wars characterized by brutal border raids and attacks by Indians organized and supplied by New France. Particularly in King William's War —97 and Queen Anne's War —13the colony's rural communities were directly exposed to French and Indian attacks, with Deerfield raided in and Haverhill raided in Boston responded, launching naval expeditions against Acadia and Quebec in both wars.

The province was also involved in Dummer's Warwhich drove Indian tribes from northern New England. The fortress was returned to France at the end of the war, angering many whzt who viewed it as a threat to their security. Britain's victory in the war led to its acquisition of New France, removing the immediate northern threat to Massachusetts that the French had posed. Boston was hit by a major smallpox epidemic in

Interesting Facts

What month and year did massachusetts become state? Massachusetts was admitted into the Union on February 6, becoming the 6th state to join the Union. Massachusetts was the site of the infamous Salem Witch Trials of , where nearly 20 individuals were convicted of witchcraft and hanged. It is also the location of the Boston Tea Party, which took place in what became the state's capital. The country's first university, Harvard, was established in Cambridge in Massachusetts in read more. The unrest and fear generated by this armed insurrection probably helped advance support for the ratification of the new U.S. Constitution; a year later, in , Massachusetts became the sixth state to ratify the Constitution. Minuteman Statue, Lexington, Mass. Arthur Griffin/Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

Asked by Wiki User. Massachusetts became a state on February 6th in the year It takes about a year to become a Massachusetts resident after you have established a domicile in Massachusetts. You also must register to vote in the state. Massachusetts was admitted into the Union on February 6, becoming the 6th state to join the Union. The American Elm was designated as state tree by the Massachusetts state legislature in the year On February 6, February 6, Massachusetts was never a state; It is a commonwealth within the United States of America.

February 6th, The state of Massachusetts right? Originally part of the thirteen colonies, Massachusetts became a state on February 6, In colonial times, the colony of Massachusetts included both the area that is now the state of Massachusetts and what is now the state of Maine.

Maine was part of the "Commonwealth of Massachusetts" until when it voted to secede from Massachusetts and become an independent state. Maine was formally admitted as a new state March 15, as part of the Missouri Compromise. The Black-capped Chickadee is the state bird of Massachusetts.

It is a resident of the state lives there year-round. Massachusetts ratified the United States Constitution on February 6, Their desire for independence and spirit of action is one of the reasons why Massachusetts was one of the first areas to become a state. Massachusetts became a state on February 6, Boston was founded by the Puritans in and became the state capital of Massachusetts in Massachusetts is a state, so it is not in any state for it is one.

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