How to reupholster a sofa

how to reupholster a sofa

How to Determine if a Sofa Is Worth Upholstering

Jul 14,  · A Beginner's Guide to Reupholstering a Couch, Step by Step 1. Measure Fabric for Upholstering. The very first thing you will need to do is to plan your project. To adequately 2. Make a Table to Keep Track of Your Measurements. See the one I made below. Remember: the measurements you are taking Author: Torim. Aug 29,  · Two-tone upholstery. Like a sofa where the front and the back are different colors. You might be sad that you did that in a few months. If you want to take a big design risk, do it with throw pillows. Keep the sofa basic. Any last words? Sometimes people come to our studio wanting to preserve things for purely sentimental reasons.

A worn or damaged sofa can become a bit of an eyesore and can prompt you to want to eventually change reupholter sofa cushions.

Following a few steps will allow you to undertake the task yourself rather than seeking tk services of a professional. Take the sofa cushions from their place on the sofa to reuphlster you to remove the covers effectively. Unzip the covers before carefully removing ti to reduce the risk of damage as these will be used as a pattern for the new covers.

This is especially the case how to install jdk 1.6 the cushion is of how to reupholster a sofa unusual shape. In order to ensure that the new cushion covers fit correctly, use a piece of chalk to mark corresponding letters or numbers on the reverse of the covers and the foam padding. This will allow you to take into account any unusual dimensions and sew the new covers correctly.

Examine the foam padding of reupholsetr sofa cushions for any wear and damage; replace them by cutting new foam padding if they are beyond repair. Measure the old padding and take into account any points where it has become compressed. Turn the covers of the sofa cushions inside out to give you easier access to the seams and, using a seam picker, carefully loosen and pull out the thread that fasten them together.

This will allow you to lay out the material flat to get an idea of the pattern. Retain the zip if it is still in good working order. Make sure it is completely flat by smoothing your palm across it before tracing around the pattern with chalk. Once this is complete, set the pattern aside and cut along reuphoslter chalk line with sharp scissors. On the pattern, measure the space between the edge of the material and the position of the how to reupholster a sofa and mark the length on the new material so that you know where to sew.

Fold hiw material that you have cut using the pattern as a guide; this osfa be done so that what is the third amendment reverse of the material is facing outwards. Use the sewing machine to sew the edges of the material, leaving the edge where the zip is to go. When you are happy with your seams, sew the zip into place along the final free edge whilst making sure it reupholstwr be the correct way around. Turn the sofa cushions covers back the correct way to reupholsterr you access to stuff the padding into it.

Zip it closed and replace it on the sofa. We welcome your comments and suggestions. All information is provided "AS IS. All rights reserved. You may freely link to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. View our Privacy How to reupholster a sofa here.

Toggle navigation subscribe. How to Re-upholster Sofa Cushions. Written by Doityourself Staff. What You'll Need.

Foam padding. Sewing machine. Replacement zip, if necessary. Seam pick. Various thread. Tape measure. Fabric chalk. Step 1 — Remove Old What is a door handle Take the sofa cushions from their place on the sofa to enable you to remove the covers effectively.

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The manufacturer came an Plastic-Dip rubber coating to cover wear on vinyl seat cover? Hi All. We have an office-style chair that is in good condition, except My couch is exploding!

So admittedly this is not a high end couch I literally ran out deupholster money Related Posts Stapler for upholstering. Hi, i need a good metal stapler for upholstering, could anybody kindly shar Fabric for the sofa.

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By Jeff Grundy. Making a Cushion for Your Vanity Stool.

Planning and Ideas

So you’ve made the decision to learn the process of reupholstering furniture. You’ve been looking at that tired piece in the living room and are determined to bring it back to life. First off, Good for you! I get many emails each week asking for advice on upholstering that first piece of furniture. How to Re-upholster Sofa Cushions Written by Doityourself Staff. on Feb 06, What You'll Need. A worn or damaged sofa can become a bit of an eyesore and can prompt you to want to eventually change the sofa cushions. Following a few steps will allow you to undertake the task yourself rather than seeking the services of a professional. Reasons to Reupholster Your Sofa. It’s vintage. Often vintage furniture is better-made and has a nicer shape than something new. These pieces can often be picked up inexpensively at estate sales and thrift stores. If you love the uniqueness of the piece and want to update it, consider reupholstering it. The same goes if you inherited a.

Categories Furniture Flips. Reupholster your couch without removing the old fabric with this simple method! It also reclines, meaning that you can be comfortable doing pretty much anything. I love it. My couch is also almost a decade old. My parents got it for me for my birthday when I was a sophomore in college. But couches are expensive, and honestly, I love this couch.

But reupholstering a couch costs almost as much as buying a new one. So I thought a bit, and came up with a plan. And people have googled this. I found numerous forum questions about recovering a recliner sofa, only for no real answer to be given. Since the internet seemed to be in need of an easy way to recover a reclining sofa and really, couches in general, I decided to come up with one. Honestly, this is kind of a cheater method. Note: This blog contains affiliate links.

If you click and make a purchase, I may receive compensation at no additional cost to you. I laid my fabric over the back of the couch, tucking fabric into each fold until the fabric was taut. Tucking so much fabric reduces the probability that the fabric will come loose.

Then I secured it with brad nails. An important point here is that much of the structure of the couch is wood-based wood, plywood or osb. Anywhere where I could feel something hard was probably wood that my nails could secure to.

I think most couches are like that, but you might want to check your couch to be sure before starting. I cut my fabric a couple inches below the end of the couch. I only wanted to have to flip the couch over once, so I left that way for a bit. I once again started by laying the fabric over the couch and tucking what I could into the folds. Then I flipped the couch over and cut the side fabric to be the correct length to wrap around the bottom of the couch.

At this point, I secured the fabric to the bottom of the couch. However, the brad nails would have worked as well. Once the fabric on the bottom of the couch was secure, I flipped the couch back over and worked on the front of the sides. Since my recliner mechanism was between the arm and seat of the couch, I made sure that it was still accessible when I was tucking.

Then I trimmed the fabric to the correct length, wrapped it under the seat, and secured with brad nails. The footrests were the part most similar to traditional upholstery; I laid out the fabric, cut it , then wrapped it around and secured with brad nails. Everything still looks great! Why, yes, I do! This Fabric Scraps Storage Bin was made with scrap drop cloths, and is great for storing extras as well! Small pieces are also great for recovering chair seats , especially if you want them to match your couch!

The fabric is not too gray, and looks great in my living room. I was worried for nothing. The world is desperately in need of easy ways to recover recliner sofas!

Let me know if you use this method. Tell me in the comments below! I love this idea!! I desperately need a rescue for my microfiber recliner. What fabric did you use? And where did you buy it from? Thank you! It was just a dropcloth from Harbor Freight! I bleached and washed it before putting it on the couch. Thank you so much for this tutorial.

We just moved and almost threw out our recliner set which was beyond comfy but decided last minute to keep it. This assured me that my couches will have an even longer lifetime. Any recommendations on different fabrics to use? Ours is a leather like material.

So glad you found this helpful! I used a drop cloth for budget reasons - any by-the-yard fabric is going to up the price of this project by quite a bit, especially if you use actual upholstery fabric.

Because of that, I didn't really investigate any other options sorry! I'm literally laughing out loud because I have the Exact. Recliner Loveseat. In Red. And it's so comfy and so worn and ugly and in need of recovering. Going to redo it just like you did. Soooo comfy, but in serious need of some TLC. So glad this helps you too - I knew somebody else had this same dilemma!

I really want to do this to my recliner sofas. How does it look when you recline them? Or just part of the sofa? Do any of the folds come out? Can't wait to give this a go! So glad you're thinking of trying this! Once you do, let me know how it turns out! The sofa look exactly the same when reclined, just, you know, reclined. And yes, the pieces tucked into the sides of the cushions do eventually work their way out; living alone using my sofa daily, I typically have to retuck everything back into place once a month or so.

It only takes ish seconds, so I consider it an acceptable price to pay. Hope this helps! Wow thank you for this! Your couch looks very nice. You were clear and the photos were great. Thx so much! Hi there, I'm Lindsay Fay- Math teacher on temporary hiatus to transform my year old house into the perfect home. Click around to join me in learning how to build, decorate and sometimes! My cat walked through some paint, then jumped on the couch. Sanjukta Saturday 18th of July MissLindsayFay Saturday 18th of July Synovia Friday 7th of February MissLindsayFay Monday 10th of February Serafine Monday 30th of December MissLindsayFay Thursday 2nd of January Faye Stream Saturday 7th of December MissLindsayFay Saturday 7th of December Ida Sunday 13th of October MissLindsayFay Monday 14th of October Search Search for:.

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