How long does it take for risperidone to take effect

how long does it take for risperidone to take effect

Risperdal: 7 things you should know

Sep 06,  · It takes weeks to feel the full effects although many people may feel some improvement within weeks. And yes it will be subtle improvement ~ no bells and whistles going off one day. Many people don't even notice it until they suddenly realize how much better they are. It will probably take several weeks to see big enough changes in your symptoms to decide if risperidone is the right medication for you. If you take Risperdal Consta® (risperidone long-acting injection), it will take about three weeks before risperidone is fully absorbed .

It can have the sedation side effect right away, but it takes a bit of time to be in your system to have peak effect. What should the effect be for someone with extreme anxiety and fears not autism or the other things listed.

Theresa taoe you should fee effects very quick,a calming and seditive effect but it continues to reach a blood level but you should get some of the effect very fast with this one. Lkng Wise Cpht retired pharmacy techniecian. Chuck what should I feel dose is. Schizophrenia: adults 2. Yes Theresa this drug is used for sleep,It has lots of uses like many drugs so don't let that worry you that is why it is hard to tell someone why they are taken a medication.

Don't be fooled by the. What else do you what weighs exactly 500 grams about this med anything for extreme anxiety?

I went back on it yesterday. Hod looking for answers? Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question.

Is risperdal a med that works fast or does it take time to have an effect? Asked 14 Oct by theresa06 Updated 6 November Topics risperdal Please let me know if you ling if and what you take it for. Answer this question. Answers 2. What will it uow to do I was confused when it was prescribed. If It doesn't work within a week does that mean it won't work please let me know.

View all 10 comments. Does fod cause breast enlargement? How long should you stay on risperdal? How long will Risperdal stay in my system? What is the difference between Perseris and Risperdal Consta? Search Search. Support Groups. Top groups Groups by medication Groups by condition. Subscribe to our newsletters. FDA Safety Alerts. Daily MedNews. Monthly Newsletter. I accept the Terms and Privacy Policy. Email address.

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Oct 14,  · Is risperdal a med that works fast or does it take time to have an effect? Asked by theresa06 Updated 6 November Topics risperdal. Mar 01,  · Risperidone is also used to treat symptoms of irritability in autistic children who are 5 to 16 years old. Warnings. Risperidone is not approved for use in older adults with dementia-related psychosis. Do not give risperidone to a child without a doctor's names: Risperdal, Risperdal Consta, Perseris. Jun 26,  · Risperdal usually starts working hours after you take it.

Report Abuse. Contact Us. Sign in. Type 1. Type 2. General Health. Diet and Fitness. Women's Health. Men's Health. Heart Disease. Heart Rhythm. High Blood Pressure. Mental Health. Mental Health Issues. All Communities ». By subscribing, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Risperdal how long to take effect. Common Questions and Answers about Risperdal how long to take effect. I was recently diagnosed schizophrenic which I'm very sad about and in disbelief.

I was put on risperdal and I already don't want to take it anymore. I have the following side effects from it: fatigue, constipation, and I sleep long hours maybe I want to know if the constipation goes away and how long does it take for the body to het used to the medication.

I've read many reports to not stop medications. Read More. I don't know but I never filled my Risperidal prescription. That's what my doctor gave me last time and when I read the side effects I decided it was just too much for me.

I have to work and be "professional" as much as possible, so the risk of movement disorder is just too much of a risk. I think I did read the disorder is permanent, but I don't know for sure. It can also cause "zombie like" state, it said, forgot what that's called. I want to welcome you to Med Help. Is your doctor aware of this side effect you are associating with discontinuing the Risperdal? All medications such as this can have withdrawal issues. Cold turkey going without Risperdal would be very rare for a doctor to recommend.

Are you sure this was what your doctor wanted you to do? Again, this is not a normal recommendation and especially for a 4 mg dose.

You need to see your doctor again. Now, it's been 2 months. Although you are only on a very small dose your body has got used to having that for the last 3 months.

Its not going to take long to taper off and surely its better to do that than maybe having some horrid withdrawal effect. At the time in which she was beginning the Risperdal she had been off her bipolar meds for sometime.

Not sure how long she had used it or any side effects which may have occurred lost touch She is currently just using lithium and doing well. I didn't see any weight gain side effects when I googled it, and I currently work with many patients who use it and haven't seen it there either.

Good luck to you. Then you just have to go with what works for you, your son and your family. It is not fair to medicate a child who cannot cope, just to keep them in a mainstream school if that school and the teachers cannot meet that child's needs - I just give that as an example, and I am sure you know that already. Good Luck. I just started Invegra 3mg daily which is the new drug in lieu of Risperdal so I will be curious as to how it works.

Supposedly, it is just like Risperdal but much more tolerated with less side effects. Maybe something to ask your doc about although I cant comment on personal usage as of yet since it is so new for me. And ya, he is on a ton of meds. Something does need to be done and unfortunately, it will probably take trial and error to find what works the best. Keep in really close contact with your new doc. Report all that is going on. This is very complicated and beyond anything I have dealt with.

And do keep in touch. I would like to know how things are going. I can recommend some good sites for working with the ADHD if you are interested. Best wishes. I am recording his daily behaviors. I take him to social groups and a psychologist. Any suggestions on how to keep my sanity?

The rest of the house has suffered by his outburst. I have four kids and they get sick of his tantrums too. I want him to have a positive self esteem but it is hard to e nice when he is destroying his and my things!

Also the school says he is great there which adds to the mystery! I am diagnosed as a rapid cycling bipolar and although I do have some depression problems, I feel that I am much more on the manic side of the spectrum.

Luckily, I seem to have no real ill effect for going off of the Risperdal. I am currently still on mg of Lamictal. I am hoping to start a family with my husband in the next few years.

MY child has been taking risperdol for a yr. I may have to go off my Risperdal. My doctor is checking my hormone levels because my periods have stopped and I am lactating. He said if my hormone levels are high I can either add Abilify or replace the Risperdal altogether.

I was just wondering if anyone knew of any medications that I could replace the Risperdal with. I don't go see my psychiatrist for another 2 months. How long does it take for synthroid to take effect to the point where you feel better and see your 's improve etc? Some tell me 6 weeks and some tell me it takes a good 3 mos. Also it takes at least 2 weeks for many medications to take full effect , it seems. But, as iladvocate says, if there is no improvement or things seem worse contact the doctor, or just to ease your own concerns I would say contact the doctor.

If you are wondering how long it will take you to feel happy again- that is a complicated question but I can try to answer it by asking some questions. What do you mean by normal Clifford? How will I be able to tell if the Risperdal is having a positive effect or a negative effect and how soon will I know of either?

I have a few questions I need answered. I went out drinking with my friend and I have schizophrenia. I also have been taking medication risperdal. Well the night I went drinking I missed my dose of risperdal came back the next day hungover but I wasn't hearing any voices yet. Then around 2 or 3 o'clock in the afternoon I still hadn't taken meds and I started to hear the voices that I had the first time I had when I was diagnosed they basically came back.

We always use the same pharmcy, on the 19th of Dec we picked up what was supposed to be risperdal that said it was the same just a generic. It ended up beening Ropinirole. My 7 year old took about 9mg over a 4 day period before I figured out it was the new med that is making him totally different.

Unfortunately psyche meds are all trial and error. Some work wonderful in some and are horrible for others. It really amazes me when I look at med sheets at work and I see 2 people on the same medication and one person is taking it for seizure, and another for bipolar as a mood stabilizer. Personally I have found Depakote and seroquel work best so far for me.

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